Clarins Lip Gloss

If you follow my Instagram, you know I’ve been makeup free for more than 10 years. I share my skincare routines because my ability to face the world barefaced with so much confidence has to do with taking great care of myself. It’s no secret that I love a good lip gloss either. Clarins Lip Gloss has been an easy solution for avoiding chapped lips in the winter and adding just a hint of color in the summer.  Continue reading Clarins Lip Gloss

Rosy and Botanical

Coco Rose by Herbivore Botanicals might just be the best body polish around but that isn’t the only product in their line I fell in love with. On Amazon Prime Day, I had the opportunity to buy a few products but I didn’t take the bait. Instead, I waited until I was at a local Nordstrom and saw several products in their line on a shelf. Talk about a dream come true! Continue reading Rosy and Botanical

Black Pearl Mask Review

I discovered face masks years ago and have tried different brands having some successes and some failures. Earlier this year, Nordstrom launched a Korean Beauty Pop In Shop at the Northpark store in Dallas. In my morning skincare routine post, I talked about the Huxley Secrets of Sahara face oil I found. Since then, I have picked up different Korean beauty products at mainstream retailers but never delved into any Korean shops to see what they were offering. Continue reading Black Pearl Mask Review

Micellar What?

I was actually in London Heathrow the first time I came across Bioderma micellar water.  Flying from Dallas to London is not a particularly hard flight but when you get across the pond, you want to freshen up immediately and Heathrow is like a mall for skincare products (along with luxury retail shops). Now I use micellar water two or three times a day minimum. I outlined my morning and night skincare routines here if you’re interested in where micellar water fits in the steps.  Continue reading Micellar What?

Packing for the Beach

There is one girls’ trip I will never forget. I was young (and dumb) but off to have the time of my life with my friends in Miami. We played on the beach all day and then walked around to go find food. A guy stopped us and said, “You’re so cute… a black girl with a red nose!” Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is only cute in Christmas stories. I packed everything but sunscreen on that trip. It’s something I have never done since then.  Continue reading Packing for the Beach