Masks in the Mail

Do you have a wish list of skincare products? I do. It’s a never-ending list of products I want to get around to testing once I’ve used some of the things I already have. I am a bit of a minimalist so I don’t hoard cabinets and drawers full of unused products. My Amazon account does have a long “Save for Later” list though. I received a gift card and finally decided to order some items on that list (my current skincare problems inspired this… not even joking). Continue reading Masks in the Mail

Beauty on the Go

Whether I’m always on the go or on holiday, beauty and skincare are important parts of the packing process. Ideally, I don’t want to be weighed down with a beauty counter and I certainly don’t need that clogging my pores. So what’s the best approach for a traveler?  Continue reading Beauty on the Go

New Year, New Me

I didn’t do any specific New Years Resolutions. I am entirely too type A for that. I always have a goal of being healthy and thinking of ways to be smarter, more efficient in doing so. After weeks of traveling and being extremely sick, focusing on taking vitamins (my doctors had been advising me for awhile), I decided to be more intentional in which vitamins and supplements I take. With all of that being said, I am taking a few and I’ll write full posts on them and the results later. Continue reading New Year, New Me

Winter Skin Woes

Dry and frigid air is somewhat synonymous with winter. Add in travel and the rampant viruses going around, and you have one complicated skincare battle on your hands. I went from wearing a mini skirt in Florence in November to rain, sleet, and snow in Brussels at the end of December. Toss in a few trains and planes, bronchitis turned into pneumonia too. My skin was completely devastating. Continue reading Winter Skin Woes