If you get the chance to travel to Florence, Italy… don’t let it pass you by. Art lovers are drawn to some of the greatest treasures here but I’ll tell you sitting and enjoying Italian dishes among friends is one of the greatest memories I’ll have. There are crowds of people coming in for different reasons, it’s not possible to list them all but I’ll say walk around and take it all in. Continue reading Firenze

Crete, Greece

My first memories or learning of Crete were in Church listening to my pastor reference Acts 27:7. Later, I became enthralled with Greek Mythology and learned more about Icarus in the scope of the larger Greek stories in a college course. It was a destination I have always had my heart set on visiting. Sailing from Santorini to Crete is not the shortest of boat rides but when you do arrive, you quickly notice it’s massive compared to some of the other Greek Islands.  Continue reading Crete, Greece


Buongiorno! L’Italia è dove voglio vivere. Come molti posti come ho viaggiato, tornerò sempre qui. I’ve always said, “Greece is where I vacation but Italy is home.” I can’t quite put into words my love for Italy but I will try to give a look at one of the cities I first fell in love with. Continue reading Roma