Mi Cocina

If you have ever been to Dallas, you might have heard about a Mambo Taxi, it’s not a yellow or black taxi that you traditionally see at an airport. Instead, it’s a popular cocktail at Mi Cocina. Continue reading Mi Cocina


My first memories of Prague were as a young schoolgirl learning about a classmate’s home. We bonded over a love for Harry Potter books and she told me a bit about her culture. Fast-forward more than twenty years later and I’m on a train bound for Praha to finally see it for myself.  Continue reading Prague


If you get the chance to travel to Florence, Italy… don’t let it pass you by. Art lovers are drawn to some of the greatest treasures here but I’ll tell you sitting and enjoying Italian dishes among friends is one of the greatest memories I’ll have. There are crowds of people coming in for different reasons, it’s not possible to list them all but I’ll say walk around and take it all in. Continue reading Firenze