European Christmas Markets

Christmas in July? Happy Friday! I’m already dreaming of being on a plane to Europe. I obviously identify with my European ancestry better than any bit of American anything on most days but specifically during the holidays when the markets are setup, I absolutely love being able to walk through the stalls sipping warm drinks and eating a variety of tasty treats and sweets. Continue reading European Christmas Markets

Greece Guide: Athens & The Cyclades

Greece is the ideal summer holiday location. I could spend an entire month going from Athens to different islands (if anyone wants to sponsor that trip, here’s your chance), but realistically most Americans are lucky to get two weeks away from the office at one time. I studied a bit of Greek Mythology in college so I am well versed in the history of Greek Gods but even that didn’t prepare my eyes for what I was about to see beyond the Acropolis.  Continue reading Greece Guide: Athens & The Cyclades