6 Step Skincare Regimen

Traveling does a number on my skin. Since fourteen my dermatologist has had me follow a strict skincare regimen. As I’ve gotten older, I realized this is not a game. The air on planes can be dry and just plain nasty with germs from people coughing. Then, factor in changing climates from being on a sunny beach in the Caribbean to mountains halfway around the world. Continue reading 6 Step Skincare Regimen

Going North for Italian

Returning to a familiar place when they open up in your city is always a fun experience. North Italia in the Kierland Commons in Scottsdale is one of my favorite places to eat (I really love Scottsdale if you’re looking for an escape in the desert). Dallas now has one of what will be two locations. The Plano location opened in Legacy West to a very warm welcome from the city (literally as Texas is scorching hot right now). Continue reading Going North for Italian

Masking It

After a long flight (or a long day at work) a face mask is my go-to for relaxing and restoring my skin from the sun or dry air on the plane. There are a few masks I pack because I can always count on them for consistent results but as you will quickly realize, it doesn’t take me long to find new ones in a different country. Continue reading Masking It