Red Hot

There are a few iconic images imprinted in my memory. Growing up watching Baywatch and being transfixed by the fashion as much as anything else, or the unforgettable 1976 capture of Farrah Fawcett. A red one-piece swimsuit will forever be the staple in my swimwear collection. Continue reading Red Hot

Just Keep Swimming

If you book a trip to Turks and Caicos, do not miss the opportunity to go snorkeling. It’s the third largest coral reef in the world behind Australia and Costa Rica. The water is incredibly clear and you will see a wide array of sea life. I always book my trips with Caicos Dreams Tours (not sponsored).  Continue reading Just Keep Swimming

A Weekend in Providenciales

Island getaways are one of my favorite escapes from the overwhelming stress of everyday life. There is a sweet vulnerability about opening yourself up to new adventures whether you are going somewhere for the first time, or just making time to meet new people in one of your favorite places. Like anyone and everyone, I get to a point where I need the beach to find peace and calm. Memorial Day weekend on Grace Bay beach, I did exactly that.  Continue reading A Weekend in Providenciales

One Sunny Day in D.C.

I’ve been to D.C. a few times. Until a few years ago, it was particularly exciting because I spent the better part of my childhood entertaining the idea of going into political science. It actually seems fitting that I was welcomed by torrential downpours and what felt like a monsoon (Clinton, Bush, Obama… where are you guys?). Continue reading One Sunny Day in D.C.