Vienna, Austria

Vienna’s tree-lined streets and museum gardens are stunning. It is easily one of the most picturesque places to explore whether you’re on foot, traveling by car or horse-drawn carriage. I first fell in love with this city after watching The Woman in Gold. My love for art goes back to my early childhood years and the story of the painting weaved into history meant that I had to visit this city for myself.  Continue reading Vienna, Austria


Milan is certainly known amongst the fashion industry as a street style capital but for those who appreciate traditional art and culture, the Duomo is nothing short of magnificent. Italy is a gem for art, that goes without saying. I naturally walked the city in the most absurd booties appreciating architecture and everything my eyes could take in. Continue reading Milano

Winter Skin Woes

Dry and frigid air is somewhat synonymous with winter. Add in travel and the rampant viruses going around, and you have one complicated skincare battle on your hands. I went from wearing a mini skirt in Florence in November to rain, sleet, and snow in Brussels at the end of December. Toss in a few trains and planes, bronchitis turned into pneumonia too. My skin was completely devastating. Continue reading Winter Skin Woes

A Different World

Traveling allows me to be a spectator of intimate moments between lovers, mothers and children, families, grandparents and grandchildren, friends, strangers who turn into friends, and all that falls in between. It’s undoubtedly a gift to be welcomed into cultures across the globe, exposed to traditions and beliefs much different than my own. Growing up on “Heal the World” by the legendary Michael Jackson, his lyrics still ring true. Continue reading A Different World