Mi Cocina

If you have ever been to Dallas, you might have heard about a Mambo Taxi, it’s not a yellow or black taxi that you traditionally see at an airport. Instead, it’s a popular cocktail at Mi Cocina. Continue reading Mi Cocina

Travel Tuesday: Venezia

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post but I have been looking through pictures of Italy over the years and trying to plan a trip. It’s not a surprise that I love Venezia but really, Murano and Burano specifically. Burano has the most colorful architecture/homes and Murano, known for its history of glass, has my favorite eatery and gelato on the islands. Continue reading Travel Tuesday: Venezia

Beauty After an Accident

This is honestly a story I never wanted to write. I was driving to work early one morning just thinking about a big luncheon on diversity and communications. I was really excited. Dressed really chic with perfect eyebrows and lipgloss, I hit the gas after the light turned green. The next thing I remember was a huge shake/rumble/impact from my right side. I was hit by a reckless driver. Continue reading Beauty After an Accident