Traveling through The Netherlands by train is one of the best decisions anyone can make. Watching the sun come up in Nieuw Vennep with pastels swirls in the sky and looking and hints of gold burn through the sky and bounce of the water as the train passed through Hoofddorp… images I can never recreate. Arriving at Amsterdam Centraal was like waking up on Christmas morning.  Continue reading Amsterdam

Start the Morning with a Strong Skincare Routine

Starting your morning with a strong skincare foundation is just as important as taking your vitamins and eating breakfast. Whether you talk to your dermatologist, optometrist or even ophthalmologist, the common denominator is always protecting your body from harmful UV rays. When we wake up, cleaning our skin and starting out with at least minimal protection is the least we can do to set ourselves up for success. Continue reading Start the Morning with a Strong Skincare Routine

St. Lucia

As much as I love hopping on flights to Europe, there is nothing better than being in the Caribbean and St. Lucia is one of the prettiest islands you can possibly set foot on. There’s a reason The Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed on this island in particular (and The Bachelor but it doesn’t compare). From the moment you look out the window and see the island, you will be thankful you bought your plane ticket (pro tip: buy the window seat). Continue reading St. Lucia

Boheme Mykonos

Boheme Mykonos exudes all things luxury in Mykonos from the moment you arrive. A driver picked me upon my arrival to the island and a short scenic ride later, I was pulling up to the Cycladic style hotel. The check-in process is smooth and they greet you with freshly prepared lemonade made with lemons from their own garden.  Continue reading Boheme Mykonos

Packing for the Beach

There is one girls’ trip I will never forget. I was young (and dumb) but off to have the time of my life with my friends in Miami. We played on the beach all day and then walked around to go find food. A guy stopped us and said, “You’re so cute… a black girl with a red nose!” Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is only cute in Christmas stories. I packed everything but sunscreen on that trip. It’s something I have never done since then.  Continue reading Packing for the Beach

Parisian Dreams

I am always planning my escape back to Paris. There’s a reason this city draws so many visitors whether it’s the Eiffel Tower, French pastries, couture shopping, a favorite museum or maybe just strolling along the Seine. Frankly, I couldn’t choose just one thing I love about Paris. Continue reading Parisian Dreams