Masks for All

This is a consolidation of previous posts on masks because I am always on-the-go and using masks to keep my skin hydrated and clean while traveling. I went in Target for one thing and found a million other things. Sound familiar? Well, I came across Mizon facial masks in the beauty section and they were … Continue reading Masks for All

Masks in the Mail

Do you have a wish list of skincare products? I do. It’s a never-ending list of products I want to get around to testing once I’ve used some of the things I already have. I am a bit of a minimalist so I don’t hoard cabinets and drawers full of unused products. My Amazon account does have a long “Save for Later” list though. I received a gift card and finally decided to order some items on that list (my current skincare problems inspired this… not even joking). Continue reading Masks in the Mail