Masks in the Mail

Do you have a wish list of skincare products? I do. It’s a never-ending list of products I want to get around to testing once I’ve used some of the things I already have. I am a bit of a minimalist so I don’t hoard cabinets and drawers full of unused products. My Amazon account does have a long “Save for Later” list though. I received a gift card and finally decided to order some items on that list (my current skincare problems inspired this… not even joking). Continue reading Masks in the Mail


It’s been a week, to say the least, but the news of two celebrity suicides is just a big S.O.S. sign, to be frank. Society has become too jaded and busy keeping up with all the wrong “influencers.” We see it with blogs and social media too. I’m very sensitive to this when thinking about travel. Continue reading S.O.S.

From Blockchain to Color Blocking

I live in a tech world on a daily basis, studying blockchain and all things related to the web, but as soon as I have a free moment I’m delving into a different type of design. Traveling and fashion are interconnected because you can’t help but notice how other cultures interpret style. In some ways, my daily life in the tech world influenced my take on color blocking. Continue reading From Blockchain to Color Blocking