Clarins Lip Gloss

If you follow my Instagram, you know I’ve been makeup free for more than 10 years. I share my skincare routines because my ability to face the world barefaced with so much confidence has to do with taking great care of myself. It’s no secret that I love a good lip gloss either. Clarins Lip Gloss has been an easy solution for avoiding chapped lips in the winter and adding just a hint of color in the summer.  Continue reading Clarins Lip Gloss

Hotel de l’Europe

I’ve stayed in many hotels and resorts around the world but there is one specific hotel that takes the cake. Hotel De L’Europe in Amsterdam is the grandest hotel of all. From the moment I walked up to the doors, I was met with the kindest, warmest welcome in the middle of the holidays. The lobby was all done up with a beautiful tree in the most tasteful way. Continue reading Hotel de l’Europe

Rosy and Botanical

Coco Rose by Herbivore Botanicals might just be the best body polish around but that isn’t the only product in their line I fell in love with. On Amazon Prime Day, I had the opportunity to buy a few products but I didn’t take the bait. Instead, I waited until I was at a local Nordstrom and saw several products in their line on a shelf. Talk about a dream come true! Continue reading Rosy and Botanical


If you get the chance to travel to Florence, Italy… don’t let it pass you by. Art lovers are drawn to some of the greatest treasures here but I’ll tell you sitting and enjoying Italian dishes among friends is one of the greatest memories I’ll have. There are crowds of people coming in for different reasons, it’s not possible to list them all but I’ll say walk around and take it all in. Continue reading Firenze

Train Travel in Europe

Maybe I’m a romantic but traveling through Europe by train is just lovely. Seeing the different regions and towns is so beautiful, I studied English literature and Art History so I’ve read about writers and painters hopping on the train to work on their next project. I can see where they find the inspiration as trains pass through these idyllic towns and pull into different train stations. Continue reading Train Travel in Europe